17-year-old Eagle Scout candidate Derek Copeland came up with an amazing idea for his scout project.

He decided to honor our nation's heroes, interviewing 16 veterans and documenting their stories that could otherwise be forgotten.

Copeland explained on "Fox and Friends Weekend" that he has always been interested in history, so this project was a perfect way to do something he enjoyed and honor America's veterans.

Even better, Copeland is sending the veterans' stories to the Library of Congress to preserve for future generations.

"It doesn't have to stop with me. What would be really great [is] if other people went to the website, the Veterans History Project, downloaded some of the forms, just went out, interviewed a veteran," Copeland said.

"It just has to be half an hour. You can do that. It's really easy. And it doesn't have to stop with me."

Copeland said that one of the most interesting things to see in the interviews was how our nation's views have changed.

"It's really interesting to see how the views have changed over time, from where we were during World War II, with everybody supporting this, to where we are now."

Watch the clip above and learn more about the Veterans History Project.