Not only can illegal immigrants now pay in-state college tuition in at least 20 states, student activists and graduates of Smith College are actually raising money for a scholarship for undocumented students.

The editor-in-chief of Campus Reform, Caleb Bonham, joined Tucker Carlson on "Fox and Friends Weekend" and explained that the activists are using a crowd-sourcing website to raise more than $10,000 to provide the scholarship.

Bonham said that they claim they are doing this because they oppose discrimination. He pointed out that Smith College has an all-female student body.

"They are feminists that are supporting giving a scholarship to an undocumented female," Bonham said. "So if you're an undocumented male, you're not qualified for this scholarship unless you have some sort of gender identity crisis."

Bonham said the average American citizen who obeys the law is not reaping the rewards for good behavior, while illegal immigrants are receiving more and more financial aid.

"Those that are here that are part of the loud minority are really bullying these universities into tailoring their school to them."

Watch the clip above.