ISIS is reportedly creating the next generation of terrorists by recruiting young mothers to raise "jihadi babies."

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Catherine Herridge reported on "On The Record" that an ISIS guidebook, "Sister's Role in Jihad," recommends martial arts, toy weapons and calisthenics for future jihadis.

Herridge reported that analysts say ISIS is taking the long view and understands it will take at least a generation to reach their goals.

Herridge said that in addition to ISIS, Al Qaeda and other affiliates are being very public about their indoctrination of the young.

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Lt. Col. Oliver North (Ret.) said this is misogyny and sexual slavery under the guise of breeding "jihadi babies."

"These terrorist groups may call it a long-range plan, but it's not a plan at all," North said. "It's nothing but an excuse for rape and raising children according to their rules."

He added that child warriors have been used in the past by Al-Shabaab, Hamas and Al Qaeda in Iraq, the predecessor to ISIS.

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North said that this means the future of war will be increasingly brutal.

"What I think we’re about to see is a lot more Americans engaged in combat, much of it the consequence of this administration’s failures to allow these stay-behind forces in Iraq to even stop what has become one of the most brutal experiences of our time," North said.

"There’s still no sign that ISIS is being destroyed as Mr. Obama promised and quite frankly the Congress does not seem to be willing to step up to the fight either."

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