Here's a sight for sore eyes.

Two lovable Cocker Spaniels - both bouncing back from severe neglect - have formed an incredible and heartwarming bond.

Denny is completely blind and Drummond is partially blind, but he still watches out for his best friend.

The founder of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, Lance White, and Dr. Hannis Mize appeared on "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning with the lovable pooches.

White explained that when they got the dogs from a kill shelter, the dogs were tremendously malnourished and each had infections on over 90% of their body.

Now, they're doing much better and are inseparable, especially since Drummond is the eyes for both of them.

"He watches out for his 'brother,'" White explained. "He'll actually guide him when they're outside playing. He'll make sure that he doesn't hit a fence or a pole or anything like that."

"These two are definitely bonded. So it's kind of like a guide dog for a blind dog," White said.

Dr. Mize said things are looking up for the dogs. Although Cocker Spaniels often have skin, ear and eye issues - which both Denny and Drummond do - their health is much better than when they were first rescued.

White explained that they are looking for a forever home where the dogs can live together. He doesn't want to separate the best friends, since they are so attached.

He said that Angels Among Us takes the hurt and damaged animals that nobody else wants.

"We raise money through Facebook to rehabilitate these animals and we find them their forever homes," White said, noting that in five years they've rescued more than 7,000 dogs and cats.

Watch the clip above and get more information about Angels Among Us. Check out some adorable pictures of Denny and Drummond below.