A 7-year-old girl was the sole survivor of a plane crash that killed four people in Kentucky Friday night, authorities said.

According to authorities, the little girl walked nearly a mile from the wreckage and reported the crash to a local resident.

The FAA said the plane took off from Tallahassee, Florida, and was bound for Mount Vernon, Illinois.

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FoxNews.com reported:

The small Piper PA-34 reported engine trouble and lost contact with air traffic controllers as it was flying over the southwestern part of Kentucky about 5:55 p.m. CST, the FAA said.

About a half hour later, a Lyon County resident called 911 and told dispatchers that a 7-year-old girl had walked to his home and said she had been involved in a plane crash, said Sgt. Dean Patterson of the Kentucky State Police.

"This girl came out of the wreckage herself and found the closest residence and reported the plane crash," Patterson said. "It's a miracle in a sense that she survived it, but it's tragic that four others didn't."


Patterson said in a statement that the victims were identified 49-year-old Marty Gutzler; 45-year-old Kimberly Gutzler; their daughter, 9-year-old Piper Gutzler; and her cousin, 14-year-old Sierra Wilder. All four were from Nashville, IL.  Police say the name of the 7-year-old passenger is being withheld at the request of family.

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Larry Wilkins, the local resident whose door the little girl knocked on, said in an interview, "She thought her arm was broken and her left foot was hurting pretty bad. She was barefooted, by the way, she had one sock on her feet. And she walked all that distance barefooted."

On "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning Wilkins said, "She said that her Mommy and Dad were dead and that she had been in a plane crash and the plane was turned over."

"You just can't give the little girl enough credit. I know I'm getting a lot of attention here, but she's the one that [should] be getting all the attention."

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