Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, an expert in cognitive neuroscience at University College London, says parents are breeding a generation of children who are incapable of dealing with failure.

Blakemore asserts that a growing trend of parents coddling children leaves many young people struggling to cope with setbacks in their teenage and adult years.

She adds that it is important for children to embrace some degree of risk and learn from their mistakes, as well as be more independent of their parents.

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"They're spoiled rotten!" Dagen McDowell said of this generation of coddled children on "Outnumbered" today. "Everybody gets a trophy, everybody's a winner. There are no losers. 'Loser' doesn't belong in our vocabulary anymore."

Jedediah Bila said that life is hard and unexpected things happen, and it's good to prepare children for that.

"You learn those lessons," she said. "My parents made me a tough little cookie from the start and I think that's great."

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