2014 was a tough year for many veterans in need of medical care.

Air Force vet Jim Neilson spoke out on "Fox and Friends" about the poor treatment many of America's heroes receive from the VA and how he believes illegal immigrants coming into the U.S. actually get better care than those who have served the country.

"I'd like to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem," Neilson said. "And one thing I think they should do with the Veterans Administration is start closing down all the medical centers, except for long-term care for people who are wounded and things."

"Leave hospitals open on the bases and allow the vets who qualify for the benefits to go to hospitals and doctors anywhere in the country," he said.

Neilson added that he believes illegal immigrants often end up receiving better treatment than veterans.

"From what I understand, you come into our country illegally, you break into our country, and you have a medical problem. You go to a hospital, they take care of you," he said. "And a veteran who fought for the Constitution doesn't get that same right?"

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