What if you knew all your partner’s annoying flaws ahead of time?

Settle for Love, a new dating site, encourages users to lay out the cons of dating them and to post photos that truly represent how they look.

User Alice, 26, writes, “I’m overweight, I’m unemployed, I can be really clingy and I can be very annoying … but I’m also wicked smart and creative and loyal and I like to think I’m funny.”

Wednesday on “Outnumbered,” Kennedy said this absolutely shows a lack of confidence.

She asked, “Would you ever put on your resume: I’m unorganized, I’m competitive to the point of being tempestuous and a total jerk – I gossip behind everyone’s back and I’ll probably steal your stuff? Having said that, I do have a BA in literature.”

Kennedy quipped, “They should just call it ordinary.com.”

Dagen McDowell added, “Part of the excitement is discovering the crazy.”

Watch the panel discussion above.