The suspect in an armed standoff in Minnesota called into Fox affiliate KMSP and spoke to the news desk for more than an hour.

Eugene Boos, 42, who was wanted for breaking parole, allegedly barricaded himself in a Fridley, Minn., apartment with two women and several children.

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He then called the Fox affiliate, telling the newsroom, “I have absolutely nothing to lose, and apparently fools in helmets think they’re invincible from a face shot.” Gunshots and screaming could be heard in the background.

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He identified himself as "Larry from Las Vegas," stayed on the phone with us for 76 minutes.

"I'm a 20-year convict, and I'm a f****** criminal, and that's all I know. You know what? You ain't done your research on me,  because I'm an honorable man, and my word is everything to me. If I'm telling you that I'm willing to move out of the way, you better believe it," he told police.

With him was the woman, who said she wasn't being held against her will.

"I don't want to come out, do you understand? If I go out, you guys are going to rush in here, he's got a handgun, you guys are going to shoot him," she told police.

Barricaded inside the building, Boos continued yelling at police, saying he wanted them to back off and needed time and space to say his goodbyes. He said he wanted us to hear the scary situation unfold and added he was willing to back the call with footage. We listened while frantically calling law enforcement for assistance.

In the meantime, we did everything possible to deescalate the situation.

Toward the end of the call -- shortly after 2 p.m. -- shots rang out, and the suspect claimed he had been shot in the hand by police as the woman screamed.

“Hey channel 9 news, […] dude, they shot me for no reason. They shot my f****** finger off. They blew my [sic] finger off. They shot me in my f****** hand," he said over the phone.

“You need to expose this improper conduct. This should not need to happen. It was unnecessary. Unnecessary. Now you have a woman traumatized who I nearly murdered for nothing, because they are f****** thieves," he said.

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After a six-hour standoff, the suspect left in a stretcher and is in police custody.

The women and children are safe.