United Airlines is in the doghouse after reportedly leaving a passenger’s dog on the tarmac in the pouring rain.

Twitter users have been retweeting a photo from Barbara Galletly, who claims that the dog was left on the tarmac in the rain for more than a half hour.

United Airlines responded to Galletly’s tweet, telling her that the weather may have been clear when PetSafe dropped the dog off, adding that PetSafe would be the company to call.

Airline officials say that employees were nearby and that the pet was never unattended.

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PetSafe is United’s animal travel program that offers “airport-to-airport delivery for animals” and “the ability to track your pet and more,” according to their website.

Galletly was shocked when she looked out the window and saw the abandoned dog getting soaked, so she blasted the world’s largest airline on Twitter.


Word of the canine’s callous treatment quickly spread — sparking outrage among countless social media users, including one outraged Grammy Award nominee.

“I will never fly @United again,” tweeted “Chandelier” singer Sia.