A nine-year-old boy's Christmas wish came true thanks to a local sheriff all the way in South Carolina.

Alex Collins thought he was writing a letter to his local sheriff in Chester County, Pa., asking to be able to participate in a program in which kids get to learn how to hunt and fish.

But his mother had actually come across the program on the Facebook page of the Chester County, S.C. Sheriff's Office, not the one in Pennsylvania.

Alex, the son of a single mom, wrote that he had no one to take him hunting, but desperately wanted to learn. 

So despite the mix-up, Chester County Sheriff Alex Underwood in South Carolina coordinated with his Pennsylvania counterpart, Sheriff Carolyn Welsh, to make sure Alex got to go hunting for Christmas. 

Sheriff Underwood personally took Alex hunting and showed him all the necessary safety procedures.

"I hated it for him because he was in Pennsylvania and he thought he wasn't gonna be able to hunt. So after talking to the sheriff up there, I said, if we can work it out, let's get him down here and I'll be glad to take him hunting with me," said Underwood.

Alex described it as the best Christmas present he's ever gotten.