Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton slammed President Obama's policy toward Iran, arguing that the Obama administration only "gives away things" but never gets anything in return.

Bolton reacted to a statement from President Obama to NPR in which the president would not rule out reestablishing a U.S. embassy in Iran.

"I never say never," Obama said, adding there are big differences between Tehran and Cuba. 

Bolton explained that the president is moving toward an "increasingly terrible" agreement with Iran on its nuclear program and may seek to normalize relations with Tehran once the deal is completed.

Bolton said the agreement that's been proposed would basically "legitimize" Iran's pursuit of the capability to make a nuclear bomb.

"Whenever you give something up, you ought to get something for it and whether it’s Cuba or Iran or – the list is very long unfortunately – Afghanistan, we give away a lot under this president, we get next to nothing back," said Bolton.

He argued that President Obama sees America as a negative force in the world and is trying to make amends for what he sees as mistreatment of Iran by the United States over the years. 

Bolton called Obama "naive" for believing Iran will abandon its pursuit of nuclear weapons and stop supporting terrorist organizations. 

Watch the interview above, and hear more from Bolton on the Iranian nuclear program in the clip below from "America's Newsroom."