Two more incidents of police violence reported over the weekend in Arizona and Los Angeles. 

A 24-year-old rookie police officer in Flagstaff, Arizona, was fatally shot by a suspect after he responded to a domestic disturbance.

Officer Tyler Stewart was killed when the domestic violence suspect suddenly pulled a gun. 

KTAR reported

Police said the suspect, 28-year-old Robert William Smith, and Stewart engaged in a conversation about the alleged domestic events, and at no time did the conversation become confrontational. Stewart then asked to check the suspect for weapons. The suspect then allegedly reached for a gun he had in his pocket and fired multiple times at Stewart from approximately two feet away.

Police said preliminary investigations have indicated Stewart did not have time to return fire. Investigations also show that the suspect continued to fire at Stewart once he was down, then walked away from the immediate area and died of a self-inflicted gun shot.

Stewart was rushed to a hospital, where he died.

Meantime, two gunmen opened fire on police officers in Los Angeles Sunday night in what officials are describing as an unprovoked attack.

The two officers were in their patrol car when two men started shooting at them. Neither officer was hurt. 

One of the men was taken into custody after an officer returned fire. The other suspect got away, leading to the LAPD declaring a tactical alert and initiating an intense manhunt. 

The second suspect is still on the loose, police said Monday morning.