Lt. Col. Ralph Peters was on “Hannity” tonight, where he discussed how President Barack Obama marked the end of the U.S. combat mission in Afghanistan this weekend.

“Psychologically, our president is like one of those children who believe that saying something makes it so. He said that Iraq was a strong democratic government contender we could leave. He said that al Qaeda was defeated. Islamist terrorism, which he wouldn't call Islamist terrorism, was defeated. Welcome to the real world. Now, Afghanistan’s just fine. Well, you know the war he just concluded ain’t over.”

Peters also weighed in on Obama’s remarks in an NPR interview about the possibility of opening an embassy in Iran during his final two years in office.

Obama said, "I never say never," but added that ties must be restored in steps.

Peters said that he is “bewildered” by Obama’s “non-approach” to Iran.

“Since the reset button didn’t work with Russia, we’re going to recycle it and try it with Iran,” Peters said.

He said that Iran’s nuclear weapons program is proceeding while Obama’s “teasing about” giving Iran an embassy it hasn’t asked for.

He added, “Because of the poor structure of our efforts against ISIS in Iraq, even if those efforts are successful, we’re going to hand Iran an empire that will spread well into the Arab Middle East.”

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