New York Mayor Bill de Blasio will meet with the heads of five police unions tomorrow, including some of his harshest critics.

Sgt. Ed Mullins, Sergeants Benevolent Association president, is one of the leaders who will meet with the mayor. He was on “The Kelly File” tonight to discuss.

“There’s been a lack of leadership across this nation and within this city. And hopefully the dialogue that may occur with this mayor tomorrow will help to set some kind of direction going forward.”

Megyn Kelly asked Mullins: What do you want to say to de Blasio?

“I think that the mayor needs to humble himself, he needs to change his philosophical views to policing and to the way that protests have occurred within the city on the backs of police officers, and we need to educate the public as to how our criminal justice system works,” Mullins said.

Mullins said that the threat to police officers is real, and unions do not want to see another ambush.

“Our priority is to provide security to the city, but make sure that we’re secure enough so that we can go home to our families," he said.