Regulation in Virginia restricts sales of homemade food, but a new bill could change all that.

Farmer Bernadette Barber was on “Fox and Friends” this morning to discuss the Virginia Food Freedom Act.

Currently, she explained that she can’t sell her homemade goods – like her sweet potato pie – “unless a government agent comes into my home and decides whether I can or not.”

The Virginia Food Freedom Act aims to resolve this issue. Sales would be made face-to-face, sellers’ names and addresses would be printed on labels, and product ingredients would be listed. Products would also include a disclosure statement.

“This is not just for farmers,” she explained. “This is for everybody in Virginia […] whatever you can make in your kitchen that your neighbors and family and friends would like to purchase, as long as you have that label on there, it’s a legal sale. This will revolutionize the foodscape in Virginia.”

Read more about the act and sign Barber’s petition here.