What happened to the VA scandal story?

Earlier this year, reports began to surface that veterans had died while waiting for VA hospital care. Today on “Media Buzz,” Howard Kurtz remarked that the story went away after former VA Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned.

David Zurawik, Baltimore Sun media critic, said that this absolutely bothers him.

“What happens with the VA is an absolute outrage. Americans everywhere should be outraged. We tell people to go in the military, we have all these pious things we say to them, and then we don’t give them coverage. And worse, the administrators are crooks, they don’t do their job.”

Former NBC Pentagon correspondent Fred Francis said that this happens over and over again. He said this story will be back in a year or two.

Former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson said that the media lets the administration set an agenda for them.

“If they’re not handed something on a platter, too often they’re not digging for the story,” she said of the media.

Watch the panel discussion above.