UPDATE, 2p ET: My FOX Boston reports that a veteran's missing therapy dog returned to his yard.

A Boston veteran says his therapy dog was stolen from his yard on Christmas.

John MacPherson, 88, said he put his dogs Daisy and Big Boy in the yard. Shortly thereafter, Daisy was gone.

MacPherson said he just wants Daisy back – no questions asked.

Read more below from The Boston Globe:

“I really miss her. I couldn’t sleep,” MacPherson said Friday. “I woke up every hour on the hour.”

MacPherson and his son, also named John, say there is no way Daisy could have escaped the Sumner Street yard on her own. They are convinced someone reached over the fence and took Daisy, who liked to chase the birds that flock near the gate, where MacPherson feeds them. Big Boy, on the other hand, prefers to stay close to the house — perhaps too far for a thief to venture toward and still make a clean getaway.

“I just think it’s so low that someone could take this man’s dog on Christmas Day,” the younger MacPherson said. “These dogs are my father’s everything. They’re his life.”

The holiday season has not been kind to MacPherson, who was quiet at a family gathering after Daisy’s disappearance, his son said. Two of the World War II veteran’s previous dogs died several years ago just a few days before Christmas, and, in 1949, he lost his father on Christmas Eve.