When one teen packed up and headed out to her sophomore year of college, her parents decided to go along for the ride.

Fallon Osterberg, 19, and her mother Lori Osterberg were on “Fox and Friends” this morning to discuss their experience as roomies.

Lori explained that Fallon spent her freshman year on her own, but Lori and her husband decided to move to Portland, Ore., to live with Fallon for her sophomore year. Lori said she and her husband are lifelong Denver natives, so they decided to do a “gap year” and escape their hometown.

The family is sharing an apartment for a year, but they haven’t decided if they’ll do it again next year.

“I still feel like I’m really independent,” Fallon said. “I can get around. I still go to college, I still am on campus meeting new people and making friends and having college experiences. I just happen to live at home, too.”