More than 1,300 employees at Plymouth Public Schools in Massachusetts woke up to a massive payroll mistake yesterday.

Employees who receive their pay through direct deposit accidentally had their paycheck amount withdrawn instead of deposited.

The school said the mistake was caused by human error.

Some banks say they will not be able to correct the mistake until Monday.

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In an email to all school employees sent Friday afternoon and shared with, Plymouth Superintendent of Schools Dr. Gary E. Maestas said the issue was caused by a human error and discovered Friday morning. The school department is working with Plymouth’s Finance Director and Town Treasurer to fix the problem, and several banks have agreed to correct the error today, according to the superintendent’s statement.

Maestas said other banks, including Bank of America, Citizens Bank, and Santander have refused to make corrections until Monday, the next business day.

Wicked Local Plymouth reported that the mistake affected more than 1,300 employees, some of whom were also angered to find out about the mistakes through their banks, and not the department’s all-call system.