Earlier this month, we heard the story of a Pennsylvania veteran who confronted a man who appeared to be posing as an Army Ranger at a mall on Black Friday. 

He suspected the man was going to stores in the uniform in order to get discounts for service members. In a video that quickly went viral, the veteran called the man out, yelling "stolen valor" for everyone to hear. 

On "Fox and Friends" this morning, we saw another alleged case of stolen valor. This time, the video was taken at an airport in Fresno, California. 

Christian Parmer, a former U.S. Army Specialist, stopped the man after noticing something wrong with his uniform. The man had just bought a cup of Starbucks coffee.

Local TV station KMPH reported that an employee at the Starbucks said the man had received the standard 20 percent discount for veterans. 

VIDEO: Vet Calls Out Man at Mall, Accuses Him of Posing as Army Ranger

The man denied he was committing an act of stolen valor, saying the uniform belonged to his stepson and he wore it because he had no other clean clothes.

Parmer said on "Fox and Friends" that at first he was angry, then found the situation sort of "comical" because anyone who's served in the military would be able to spot these fake uniforms. 

He said he doesn't think the small discount on coffee was the man's only motivation to wear the uniform that day. 

"I think they want to feel respected, they want to feel like heroes. That and the military discounts, that's what they want," said Parmer.

Watch the interview above.