After the brutal slaying of two NYPD officers last weekend, many are wondering what it would take to outfit police cars across the country with bulletproof glass.

In the attack last Saturday, a gunman walked up to the two unsuspecting officers from behind and opened fire into their car through the passenger side window.

Trent Kimball, CEO of Texas Armoring Corporation, joined "Fox and Friends" (video above) to discuss proposed legislation that would require all New York police cars to have bulletproof glass

Kimball made headlines last month when he demonstrated just how confident he was in his product.

He got right in the front seat of an SUV outfitted with the bulletproof glass and then someone proceeded to fire away!

Kimball said his company already offers about a 50 percent discount to provide the bulletproof glass to law enforcement. 

Kimball said it costs about $15,000 just to put the glass in the front doors and windshield of one vehicle.

"Armored materials generally are very, very expensive. We just have products that are lightweight because we want the vehicles to weigh less, and so the materials are very expensive," he explained.

Anna asked whether Kimball sees a scenario in which the price could come down in the future, making the materials more affordable for local police departments. 

Kimball said that the bulletproof glass is difficult to "fabricate" and the high cost is "inherent" in the product because of what it does.

"It could reduce in the future, but it just hasn't in history that we've seen," he said.