2014 was quite a year for the Animal Kingdom.

From a swimming owl to a sleeping lemur to countless canine hijinks, check out some of the funniest, cutest and most memorable videos (and a few GIFs) of our four-legged - give or take - friends.

Dog Sees Owner, Breaks Into a Phenomenal Dance

GIF of viral dancing dog

(Source: YouTube)

You really can't resist watching the video of this dancing dog. His moves are better than the average human's!

WATCH: Dog Passes Out After Being Reunited With Owner

A gray and white schnauzer passed out from excitement after being reunited with an owner who had been away for two years. The overexcited dog was taken to the vet and got a clean bill of health.

Watch: Spider Spooks Weatherman on Live Television

It was quite the scare for one local weatherman after a spider fell on his head on live television. California weatherman Aaron Perlman was on-air when the spider spooked him not once, but twice.

WATCH: Pug Picks Fight With K9, SWAT Team During Standoff

A pug took on a SWAT team that was trying to negotiate with an armed suspect who barricaded himself in his Phoenix home.

AMAZING VIDEO: Cat Saves Little Boy From Dog Attack

Gif of hero cat saving boy from dog

(Source: YouTube.)

Jeremy Triantafilo, 4, was riding his bike in front of his Bakersfield, Calif. home when a dog snuck up from behind, bit him and dragged him off of it. Jeremy’s cat, Tara, then raced onto the scene, hurling herself at the dog and chasing him away.

Must-See: Lemur Sits on Sleeping Baby’s Head

Angie Widener took her three daughters – including 9-week-old Finley – to Tanganyika Wildlife Park. Strollers aren’t allowed in the lemur exhibit, so she set Finley down in the stroller's removable carrier. A friendly lemur decided to get a closer look at the infant.

WATCH: Parrot Does Best Matthew McConaughey Impression Ever

Meet Einstein, a 17-year-old parrot from Garland, Texas, who might have the best Matthew McConaughey impression of them all, nailing the Academy Award winner's distinct Texas drawl with a series of spot-on "alrights."

Hero Dog Saves Deaf Boy During House Fire

A pit bull named Ace was hailed as a hero after rescuing a 13-year-old deaf boy from a house fire in Indiana. 

Swimming Owl Caught on Video

A photographer in Chicago captured the unusual sight of an owl taking a dip in Lake Michigan. 

Baby's Best Friend: 8-Week-Old Pit Bull Cuddles With 10-Week-Old Girl

Gif of baby and pitbull cuddling

(Source: YouTube.)

They're two peas in a pod: an 8-week-old pit bull puppy quickly become one baby's best friend. In the video above, Clyde the puppy can be seen jumping up to cuddle alongside 10-week-old Eisleigh.

Adorable 'Zonkey,' Half Zebra Half Donkey, Is Born In Mexican Zoo

A rare and unusual cross-breed made its debut at a zoo in Mexico. It's a zonkey, a cross between a zebra and a donkey. 

'Venus the Two-Faced Cat' Becomes Internet Sensation

The image above is not an illusion – this cat was born this way! Venus the Amazing Chimera cat has a two-toned face with different colored eyes.

CUTE ALERT: 'Beary' Good Mom Pulls Cub From Busy Highway to Safety

One little cub in Canada has a "beary" great mother! The video above, courtesy of Newsflare.com, shows a mama bear in Canada pulling her little cub to safety after it found itself stranded along a busy highway in British Columbia's Kootenay National Park.

2 Deer Headed Out of San Francisco on Golden Gate Bridge Snarl Traffic During Rush Hour

Authorities say a pair of deer on the Golden Gate Bridge snarled traffic in and out of San Francisco during the evening commute. The deer briefly halted traffic as drivers slowed to give them space.

Owner: Hero Hound Called 911, Saved Me

When Marine veteran Terry McGlade collapsed from a seizure, McGlade says his trained rescue dog Major was quick to save the day. The lab-pit bull mix pulled McGlade’s phone from his pocket and stepped on the screen for several seconds until it called 911.

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