This year was filled with inspiring stories of everyday heroes of all ages who saved the day.

They ranged from a 3-year-old who saved a man from a hot car to an ex-con who rescued a baby wandering down a busy highway, 

Scroll down for 12 of our favorite everyday heroes of 2014.

‘Shame on You, Bike Thieves’: Girl's Sign Helps Recover Stolen Bike

A 6-year-old in Portland, Ore., helped authorities recover her father's stolen bike by shaming the thieves.

She posted a sign, which read, "Shame on you bike thieves!!! Your mom would be so disappointed! Even if she was a [villain], she still wouldn't want you to be a [villain] too!”

The sign brought in a ton of tips and helped a local resident and police find the stolen bike.

Heroic Teen Saves Disabled Vets From Arkansas Tornado

A 19-year-old boy rushed 10 disabled veterans to safety during deadly tornadoes in the Little Rock, Ark., area in April.

Christian Gunter, who manages the home for mentally and physically disabled ex-soldiers, brought the vets to a church which serves as a storm shelter.

"It's always our priority to take the best care of them that we can possibly do. Our guys have risked a lot and it's a great opportunity for us to help them out," he said.

Ex-Con Rescues Wandering Baby Just Feet From Highway

An ex-con came to the rescue when he saw a baby crawling toward a highway east of Atlanta.

Bryant Collins, who is now an auto repairman, was on a job along the highway, and he raced to pick up the 15-month-old girl. Collins played gospel music on his phone to soothe the little girl as he waited two hours for police to arrive.

"It made me feel good that I could be in society and I could do good," he said. "Just as you can do bad, you can do good."

'Fun To Be a Hero': Girl Saves Family From Fire ... Twice in One Day!

The quick-thinking and bravery of a 7-year-old North Carolina girl helped her family escape a fire at their home, not once, but twice in a single day.

Sage Lewis alerted her family when a grease fire started in the kitchen of her family's North Carolina home, then leapt into action later that night when the fire rekindled.

"It's really fun to be a hero," she said.

Airport Mechanic Helps Quadruple Amputee Vet With Prosthetic

A truly touching photo shows a humble airport mechanic helping a quadruple amputee war veteran with his prosthetic.

Taylor Morris twisted his prosthetic leg out of place while waiting for his flight at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. Morris was having trouble fixing it, so his girlfriend set out to find help. That's when airport mechanic Keith Duffner came to his aid, saluting Morris before repairing his prosthetic.

Hero Teacher Credited With Stopping NM Middle School Shooting

Without the heroic actions of a social studies teacher, a school shooting in Roswell, New Mexico could have turned out much worse.

When a 12-year-old gunman opened fire at Berrendo Middle School, police say a teacher walked right up to him and convinced him to put the gun down.

6-Year-Old Hailed a Hero for Saving Grandma’s Life

A 6-year-old boy saved his grandmother’s life.

Owen Durocher woke up his parents when he heard his grandmother collapse in the middle of the night, unable to breathe or talk.

Medics then rushed her to the hospital.

Mechanic Saves Baby's Life After Alert From Cell Phone App

An Idaho mechanic rescued a baby who had stopped breathing, all thanks to an app he had installed on his phone.

Jeff Olson had just downloaded an app called Pulse Point, which is designed to notify people in the area of an emergency. In this case, the app alerted him that there was CPR needed urgently near the tire shop where he works.

Olson, who is also a volunteer EMT, got there just in time and took over administering life-saving procedures. It would still be several more minutes before authorities could arrive.

‘I Saved His Life’: 3-Year-Old Rescues Man Trapped in Hot Car

A 3-year-old in Tennessee saved an elderly man trapped in a hot car.

Bob King, who has battled cancer, suffered from strokes and wears a pacemaker, was trapped in his car in a Knoxville church parking lot with temperatures in the 90s. He saw 3-year-old Keith Williams, and called out for help. Keith ran to his pastor, who was able to unlock the door.

“I saved his life,” Keith said.

'Super Samaritan' Bends Door With Bare Hands to Save Man From Burning SUV

A “Super Samaritan” saved a man trapped inside a burning SUV by bending the door with his bare hands.

Bob Renning, master sergeant in the Air National Guard, saved Michael Johannes from the burning vehicle.

“I saw light,” Johannes said. “I heard a crash and then I stuck my hands toward the light and Bob pulled me out.”

Amazing Rescue: Infant Gets Life-Saving CPR on Miami Highway

An amazing scene unfolded on the side of a Miami highway when a woman pulled over after noticing that her 5-month-old nephew had stopped breathing.

Pamela Rauseo immediately jumped out of her car, holding little Sebastian de la Cruz in her arms, and screaming for help as cars sped by. It didn't take long for people to rush to her aid.

A Miami Herald photographer also stopped to capture the dramatic moments when Rauseo and another woman, Lucila Godoy, performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the boy, with help from a police officer.

Doctor Walks Six Miles in Winter Storm to Perform Emergency Surgery

Snow didn't stop one Alabama doctor from doing his job.

Dr. Zenko Hrynkiw was driving to the hospital to perform emergency brain surgery when the snow caused a sudden traffic jam.

That’s when he decided to leave his car, head down a mountain and walk the 6 miles to the hospital.

Let us know your favorite 2014 stories of American heroes!