"Saturday Night Live" poked fun at the beloved - or, for Greg Gutfeld, hated - Christmas film "Love Actually."

In a sketch that was cut from air for time, a man, played by Pete Davidson, declares his love for guest host Amy Adams with cue cards, a send-up of a famous scene from the 2003 film.

Unlike the original version, however, the sketch quickly spirals into strange territory, with Davidson admitting much more than his love for Adams.

On "The Five," Greg Gutfeld shared some interesting "facts" about "Love Actually." According to Gutfeld, it is ISIS's favorite movie. Also, he said, if you play the film backwards, you will hear a satanic voice that says, "Embrace Lucifer, drink poison."

Kimberly Guilfoyle said she loves the original movie and enjoyed the SNL sketch. Dana Perino admitted she's a sucker for romantic comedies, as well.

"I've never heard of 'Love Actually,' and I couldn't care less," Bob Beckel said.

Watch the clip from "The Five" above and see the entire hilarious "Saturday Night Live" sketch below.