Between playing on the University of Delaware football team and attending classes, Quai Jefferson has a lot of commitments. But his biggest commitment has been taking care of his mother, Vaida, who suffers from multiple sclerosis.

This morning on "Fox and Friends," Quai explained that as his mother's condition worsened, he had to step up, stop being a little boy and take care of her.

Vaida said she couldn't even begin to list all the things Quai did to help her over the years.

"He did the laundry, the cooking, he did the food shopping, he did everything," she said.

Now that Quai is away in Delaware for school, while she's in New Jersey, he's no longer able to be her primary caregiver.

But he said he makes it a point to call her every single day and stay involved in her life.

"Things are great. They are really great. And I am truly blessed," Vaida said. "When he calls me, I'm able to say, 'Mommy's good!'"

"All I can say is I am extremely thankful," she said. "I have the greatest son in the world."

Watch the heartwarming clip above and see Quai and Vaida's first "Fox and Friends" appearance from last year below.