"Fox and Friends" followed up on the amazing and inspiring story of a two-year-old boy who defied doctors and learned to walk.

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Kayden Kinckle and his parents, Nikki and Kevin, spoke with Elisabeth Hasselbeck about their amazing story.

At her first ultrasound a few years ago, Nikki was advised by doctors to terminate her pregnancy because Kayden was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition called Omphalocele. The disorder causes the organs to grow outside the body in the womb. Nikki and Kevin, however, refused to abort the pregnancy.

In January, doctors had to amputate Kayden's left leg and right foot due to complications at birth.

Incredibly, Kayden overcame the odds and took his first steps with prosthetics and a walker earlier this year (video below).

"I just feel overwhelmed," Nikki said. "I'm just so happy to have him. He's just a blessing. Every step that he takes is awesome."

Kevin said that since July, Kayden is no longer using the walker and is making wonderful progress.

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Nikkie added that not only is Kayden doing great in his therapy sessions, but he's even enjoying horseback riding on Tuesdays.

She also revealed that a book about Kayden and his incredible story is in the works.

"We're going to shop the book to try to see if we can find a publisher," Nikki said. "He just has an awesome story to tell, and we want everyone to know about it."

If you're interested in learning more about how you can help with the Kinckles' medical expenses, visit their Go Fund Me page.

Watch the feel-good "Fox and Friends" clip above.

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