According to a report by the American Psychological Association, almost 7 out of 10 people say they're stressed out around the holidays.

Many of those people say they don't have enough time or money to buy presents, or they simply feel pressure over giving and receiving gifts.

A separate survey showed that women are more likely to be stressed around the holidays than men.

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On "Outnumbered" today, Andrea Tantaros asserted that much of that stress comes from women "performing" for other women.

For example, she said, women are more concerned about things like Christmas cards.

Harris Faulkner disagreed and said that the stress comes from wanting to make other people feel good during the holiday season.

"There's a lot of pressure than I put on myself because I'm so blessed," Faulkner said.

She acknowledged, however, that she is certainly more worried about the holidays than her husband.

Dagen McDowell said that many women feel that if they let men get involved with the shopping and chores, it will just get screwed up.

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