13-year-old Kylee McCumber is taking on childhood hunger, and she's doing it through an organization she founded.

McCumber is helping supply some of her classmates with much-needed food they would otherwise be unable to obtain.

"I started when I was 10-years-old and in the fourth grade," McCumber explained. "At my elementary school, I noticed kids eating breakfast before school started and wondered why many of them were here."

She said she couldn't believe the fact that kids didn't have food at home and could only eat at school.

After speaking to the school principal, she started out by helping to feed 10 kids. Now, that number is up to 204.

With a team of 17 friends working with her, McCumber said it's a great way to bring people together.

"It's shocking that the numbers always go up. I didn't think it happened in my own country, let alone in my hometown," McCumber said.

"She's the one, she does it," Tim Blake, principal of Sky View Middle School, said. "No one does it for her. She's the one that really does it. She's got a team to support her, but she does it on her own. She's really one of a kind."

McCumber needs to raise $900 a week to feed those 200 kids. If you are interested in helping or learning more, visit KyleesKareKitsForKidz.org.

Watch the feel-good clip above.