A new public service announcement is drawing harsh criticism for encouraging children to steal their parents' guns and turn them in at school. 

Critics point out that the message, which claims to be aimed at reducing gun violence, invites children to break gun laws and puts students in danger.

According the Daily Caller, the video was released by a San Francisco-based production company. 

In the anti-gun ad, published Dec. 13 by Sleeper 13 Productions, a boy who appears to be in his early teens is shown walking up the stairs of his home and wandering into his mother’s bedroom.

The boy is shown opening the drawer to his mother’s dresser, where a handgun is hidden.

The boy takes the gun from the dresser and leaves the room. The ad then flashes to his school. Sitting in a classroom, the boy ventures up to his teacher’s desk after the rest of his classmates have left.

The tension building in the scene breaks, and the boy produces the gun from his backpack, slamming it on his startled teacher’s desk.

The director of the video took to Twitter in recent days, urging people to share the video and calling those who don't agree "cowards."

The PSA drew a lot of reaction from "Fox and Friends" viewers this morning.

One person said the makers of the PSA should be held liable for criminal charges if any children decide to follow this advice and bring a gun on school grounds.

Another wrote in that the idea of the video is "sick and demented."

On the YouTube page, more than 13,000 have voted "thumbs down" to the video, with less than 100 giving it a "thumbs up."

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