Back in March, "Fox and Friends" highlighted a Virginia family's battle against a drug company to obtain a life-saving drug for their 7-year-old son.

Josh Hardy was stricken with an infection called an adenovirus after undergoing a bone marrow transplant in January.

Doctors believed that the curable virus could be treated successfully with a drug named Brincidofovir, which was in the development stage and had not been approved by the FDA.

At first, the drug maker said it could not provide the drug on "compassionate use" grounds.

The Hardy family's pleas - with help from Fox News' Peter Johnson Jr. - were soon answered by the company, Chimerix, which agreed to provide the drug as part of a pilot trial program.

On the show today, we heard some good news on Josh's condition from his mother, Aimee. 

Hardy said Josh improved immediately after getting the drug and within a month, the virus was totally out of his system. 

She said that started a "slow, upward trajectory" for her son. 

Aimee said her son's immune system still needs to come back to full strength, but the family of six is grateful that they will all be under one roof this Christmas. 

Watch the interview above.