Federal agents have arrested a Delta Airlines baggage handler on suspicion of smuggling guns on flights between Atlanta and New York City.

Eugene Harvey, who worked for Delta at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, is facing charges of trafficking firearms.

Authorities say Harvey helped an accomplice smuggle at least 18 guns through security in carry-on baggage, just on Dec. 10 alone.

In total, 153 guns were recovered in an investigation of nearly 20 flights between Atlanta and New York.

Jonathan Serrie reported that authorities said Harvey would use his Delta employee ID to enter the airport without going through TSA screening. Once inside, he would set up a hand-off in an airport men's room with a former Delta baggage handler, Mark Quentin Henry, who would fly from Atlanta to New York City with the weapons.

Serrie reported that another co-conspirator - who received the guns when they arrived in New York - ended up selling the firearms to an undercover New York City police officer, which led to the investigation.

Former TSA Deputy Director Tom Blank said this is the result of a security gap being exposed.

"The people that are at fault are the airlines, the airports and TSA," Blank said. "They need to work together to close this gap. It's been a known gap for many years, in fact."

Blank said there are 450 commercial airports in the U.S. and the tens of thousands of people who work at those airports don't get screened before they go to work every day.

"It was only a matter of time until an incident like this presented itself."

Watch the clip from "Shepard Smith Reporting" above and see former U.S. Air Marshal Jonathan Gilliam react in the clip from "Your World" below.