Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson told Howard Kurtz Sunday that the federal government is not being forthcoming about the Ebola virus, expressing concern about more cases popping up.

“I called CDC not long ago and I said how many cases are being monitored in the United States and they said 1,400. I said, ‘where are these updates on your website?' They said they’re not putting it on the web. This is public information we have a right to know and the media should not hype it, but should cover it," she said. 

Attkisson criticized the media for basically ending its coverage of the Ebola virus after President Obama appointed Ron Klain as Ebola czar.

"I don't think that's any accident, I think that's a strategy, but there's still cause for concern among infectious disease specialists," said Attkisson, noting that the CDC director suddenly stopped appearing on TV after doing interviews almost every day in the weeks before.

She argued that a positive result of the media attention, however, was a public outcry that changed the way the government was handling the situation and made things safer for travelers. 

Watch the interview above as the two discussed whether the Ebola story was overblown by the national media.

In the video below, the "Sunday Housecall" doctors reacted to the latest report from the World Health Organization as the Ebola death toll surpassed 7,000.