In the wake of this weekend's deadly police shooting, Ainsley Earhardt went to Brooklyn to speak with the family and friends of slain NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos.

Ramos leaves behind a wife, two sons, a grandmother who raised him and many friends.

Ramos' cousin, Ronnie Gonzalez, told Earhardt, "My cousin had a couple of priorities in his life. One was God. He was a God-loving man. He was a full-blown Christian. He loved his job, he loved his wife and he was a dedicated father. I wish I could be half the man my cousin was ... He didn't deserve to die like this."

On "Hannity" tonight, Earhardt reported that the Ramos family is understandably very broken up over the sudden and tragic death, but they are trying to be strong and move forward.

She explained that the family is focusing on their Catholic faith to get through challenging times.

Earhardt reported that Ramos was in the Bedford-Stuyvesent area of Brooklyn that fateful day because he was working overtime to help pay for his son's college education.

Bernice Cruz, a childhood friend of Ramos said to Earhardt, "We forget these are criminals they're out there apprehending. De Blasio's out there on the front lines defending these criminals. But the people who are defending his own family, he's not out here for. And I find it disgraceful."

Cruz said New York City needs a mayor like Rudy Giuliani who keeps the city safe, not de Blasio.

"As the leader of this city, he needs to show a little more support for the cops," Gonzalez said. "They're the ones that are dying for us. Simple."

Earhardt said that the Ramos family is moving forward, and, amazingly, they have been able to forgive.

"The family has said that they have forgiven the killer and that they do find solace knowing that their loved one will now be in heaven for the biggest birthday party with Jesus on Christmas Day," Earhardt reported.

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