Rudy Giuliani reacted this morning to the latest tensions between New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the NYPD following Saturday's brutal murder of two police officers in Brooklyn.

On the "Today" show this morning, police commissioner Bill Bratton was asked whether de Blasio has "lost the trust and confidence" of the police. The question came after video showed numerous officers turning their back to de Blasio as he arrived at the hospital where the two officers died.

Bratton said the mayor has lost the trust of "some officers." He said the back-turning demonstration was indicative of the anger that his officers have right now toward city hall, but he said he does not support the "inappropriate" protest. 

Giuliani agreed, saying the mayor deserves respect even if there are disagreements.

But he said he fully understands why the officers were so angry, adding that he didn't want to speak publicly right after the shootings because he was so angry himself.

"Maybe if I were them I would have done the same thing. ... You can't imagine the anger I had when I heard about these two police officers," said Giuliani, lamenting the reports that de Blasio has not yet visited the families of the slain officers. 

He said as mayor, the first thing you do after a police officer is killed is console the family. 

"Now I see the mayor hasn’t visited the families. The first thing do you is visit the families, hug their kids. ... Minute one, you go to the wife and you say, what you say, 'I can't make up for what happened. I can't bring him back, but don't worry. The family will be taken care of. You're never going to want for anything,'" said Giuliani.

Steve Doocy asked about the PBA head's statement on Saturday that de Blasio's "hands are literally dripping with our blood." Pat Lynch instructed officers to take extra precautions, calling to mind the 1970s when the NYPD operated as a "wartime" police department.

Giuliani called Lynch a "friend" but said he believes his comments were an "overstatement." He agreed, though, that de Blasio has not acted in the best interests of police officers. 

"If you want to say that Mayor de Blasio contributed to an atmosphere of hate for the police, absolutely he did. But so did the President of the United States. And so did [Eric] Holder," he said, adding that President Obama and de Blasio are aligning themselves with Al Sharpton.

He said de Blasio allowed the anti-NYPD protests to "get out of control," but does not agree that the mayor has "blood on his hands."

"He's guilty of creating an atmosphere of police hatred in certain communities. And it is a lie. It is untrue. It's like Soviet propaganda. The police are not racist. There is not a systemic problem with police racism. There are some bad police officers. I put over 70 police officers in jail as prosecutor and mayor. So I know there are bad police officers. But the systemic problem is the problem of crime.  That's the problem he doesn't address," he said.

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