Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani appeared on "Hannity" tonight to weigh in on the fallout from the brutal execution-style murders of two NYPD officers.

Giuliani said he understands why police turned their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio last night, but he disagrees with the decision to disrespect the office of mayor.

As for criticism of the NYPD, Giuliani pointed out that it's one of the most diverse police departments in the country and the number of incidents of misconduct goes down every year.

"This whole notion that police officers are running around trying to kill people of color, I have no idea why the president and the mayor want to perpetuate this," Giuliani said.

"Even before these murders took place, I was very, very upset by the tone that's been set in this country. I consider this 'hate speech' involving police officers."

Who do you blame most for creating this atmosphere? Hannity asked.

"I have to put the responsibility first at the feet of the president. And then, for the situation in New York, certainly the mayor."

Watch more in the clip above.