Dr. Ben Carson joined guest host Greg Gutfeld on "The O'Reilly Factor" tonight to react to the brutal killing of two NYPD officers and the growing rift between many communities and the police.

"I believe it would be a very wise idea to start talking about the good that the police did," Carson said. "We can find bad things about anybody. If we just emphasize those bad things all the time, it's called demonization."

Carson noted that there are bad apples in any group, but peoples' lives in every community are made better by police.

According to Carson, if we keep piling on the police, they may become more tentative, which would just put more people in danger.

Carson said that he's interested in body cameras for police, but it's not only cops who need to make some admissions and changes

"The community has to recognize that a thug is a thug. When people do bad things, there are consequences," Carson said.

"It's very disingenuous when you take someone who is doing illegal things and try and make them into a hero. What message does that send?"

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