Former NYPD detective Bo Dietl said today on "America's Newsroom" that President Obama needs to take a timeout from his holiday vacation in Hawaii and show support for police after two NYPD officers were murdered this weekend.

"The president is playing golf now. I think the president should get his butt over here and be at the funerals. They sent representatives to Ferguson, Holder and all that. These are two cops who were working overtime for their families in a high crime area," said Dietl.

Dietl also reacted to the tensions between New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the NYPD following Saturday's brutal murder of two police officers in Brooklyn.

On Saturday night, video surfaced of numerous officers turning their back to de Blasio as he arrived at the hospital where the two officers died. Later, the head of the PBA said de Blasio's "hands are literally dripping with our blood."

Dietl said de Blasio went too far when he suggested that he worried about the safety of his own teenage biracial son around police officers.

Dietl said de Blasio "stirred up" anti-police sentiments after the Eric Garner grand jury decision, calling Garner's death a "terrible tragedy" that did not involve racism.

Dietl challenged de Blasio to "be a man" and admit he was wrong.

Martha MacCallum and Dietl both pointed out that the murders occurred less than a week after video showed protesters in New York calling for "dead cops."

Dietl said he talks to New York City police officers every day and believes "their heart is being taken away" by the current city administration's policies.

Martha said this is a moment that cries out for leadership from the president. 

"When you're mayor of a city, you're mayor of the whole city. When you're President of the United States, you're president of the entire country. You're not running for office. Nobody is running for office. This is a moment that requires and demands a leader to say 'ya know what, let's bring the police in on this side. Let's bring the people in on this side,'" she said.

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