On "Sunday Morning Futures" today, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) reacted to yesterday's horrific murder of two on-duty NYPD officers in Brooklyn.

King said it's time for President Obama, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the media to stop the cop-bashing and anti-police rhetoric.

He pointed out that de Blasio never denounced protesters' chants for "dead cops" at recent demonstrations.

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King suggested a way to show respect to the NYPD after yesterday's horrible events.

He said all the NFL, NBA and college basketball teams who wore shirts denouncing cops and supporting Michael Brown and Eric Garner should now wear shirts defending the NYPD, as a sign of solidarity.

As for how people can come together, King called for leaders to tone down the rhetoric and stop assuming that cops are always guilty.

"When you have Mayor de Blasio talking about how he has to tell his son to look out for cops, well, maybe if he told his son to respect cops, you wouldn't have the same problem."

King also reacted to the latest updates in the Sony Pictures hacking scandal. Watch the full segment from "Sunday Morning Futures" below.

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