Two Iowa sisters are on a mission to make sure that our country's troops, veterans and their families are honored this holiday season.

Recording artists Stacie and Carrie Stoelting appeared on "America's News Headquarters" this afternoon to discuss "Operation Military Christmas."

Carrie explained that it's important for us all to offer hope and encouragement to those who serve our country during the holiday season.

"You can go to our website,, and learn how to get involved with that. You can send Christmas cards, you can send presents to veterans and also troops and their families," Carrie said. "Do something to reach out and say, 'We appreciate you, we're praying for you this Christmas. Thank you for letting us celebrate Christmas in safety and in peace.'"

Stacie added that a little time and energy can make Christmas so much better for the troops and veterans who have risked their lives for us.

Watch the clip above and get more ideas and tips for how you can reach out to troops, veterans and their families at