In the wake of the brutal assassination of two on-duty NYPD officers, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani joined "Fox and Friends Weekend" to weigh in on what he thinks controversial Mayor Bill de Blasio should do to calm tensions in the city.

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Giuliani said that de Blasio should admit he was wrong in putting too much emphasis on police conduct, as opposed to violent crime in communities.

"The police are doing the most in these very, very poor communities," Giuliani said. "The police officers are doing the most to save the children that are at greatest risk."

"The politicians with this propaganda, separating the community from the police, are doing something that's shameful. And they have to stop doing that."

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Giuliani asserted that de Blasio let protests get out of control and failed to emphasize the importance of fatherhood, education and seeking opportunities in poor communities.

"If you really want to save black lives ... then you start talking about the underlying problems and how we solve it. You don't blame it on the police," he said.

"The police are doing the best job of saving black lives."

Watch the clip above and see more from Giuliani below.

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