A federal judge in Arizona has removed the final barrier that prevented thousands of young immigrants from obtaining driver's licenses.

This means that the state is now compelled to allow "Dreamers," who have received work permits through President Obama's deferred action program, to apply for licenses as soon as Monday.

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On "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning, Nomiki Konst clarified that these are not illegal immigrants, but non-American citizens who were brought here when they were younger than 18.

Konst said that Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's efforts to prevent these immigrants from getting licenses is discriminatory.

She added that an influx of new drivers will be good for the economy, and it will also ensure more drivers are documented and covered by insurance.

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Dan Stein, on the other hand, said that millions of immigrants - Dreamers and illegals - are eventually going to get licenses because President Obama is simply refusing to enforce our immigration laws.

Stein said he and many others were proud of Gov. Brewer for fighting against Obama's "dictatorship."

"If we continue to allow this decline, this degradation, this sabotaging, this tyranny in undermining the rule of law ... we will lose control of our destiny and our future as a people."

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"No country in history survives collapse of control of its borders and we're well on our way," Stein said. "That's this president's agenda."

Watch the clip above.

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