Incredible surveillance video footage out of China captures a cyclist cheating certain death after he is run over by a massive 14-wheel truck.

WATCH: Runaway Truck Tire Crashes Through Window, Sends Man Flying

In Ningbo, a city in China's Zhejiang Province, on Wednesday, a man on a bicycle tries to pedal through an intersection as a truck makes a right hand turn.

The truck collides with the man, knocks him off his bike, rolls over him and drives away without stopping.

Unbelievably, the man sits up after the truck passes, having somehow avoided the vehicle's 14 tires.

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Emergency service workers treated the man on the scene. He amazingly suffered only minor skin bruises.

Chinese traffic authorities blamed the driver for the accident for failing to notice the cyclist in his blind spot as he turned right.

Watch the clip from "America's News Headquarters" above and see the full YouTube video of the miraculous escape below.

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