Leslie Schwartz overcame incredible odds to survive not one, but two Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust.

Schwartz, who lost his parents and sister during one of the darkest periods in human history, worries that the Nazi philosophy that led to the killing of six million Jews is similar to the ideology espoused by the Islamic terrorists of ISIS.

Both groups have killed the innocent and persecuted people because of their faith.

"The philosophy is, of course, very much the same," Schwartz said, noting that both Nazis and ISIS have sent horrible, frightening messages with their actions.

Now 84-years-old, Schwartz spends his time speaking to students about his experience and says his lessons are as relevant today as ever.

"When these young students see a Holocaust survivor, it has a much greater impact than any book they read."

He recalled a time when a 14-year-old German student told him that he would love to have Schwartz as a grandfather.

"You cannot get a nicer compliment. And here I said to myself, 'Isn't this unbelievable? Here we are, approaching 70 years ago when Dachau concentration camp was liberated.'"

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