As senior pastor of Houston's Lakewood Church, Joel Osteen has become one of America's favorite preachers.

Since Osteen took over for his father in 1999, Lakewood's congregation has grown from 6,000 to more than 43,000.

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On "America's News Headquarters" this afternoon, Osteen told Uma Pemmaraju that he never dreamed he'd be a minister, let alone a world-famous one.

"When I look through it all, I see that God directed my steps the whole way," he said.

Osteen added that he was surprised at how quickly he grew as a preacher and how quickly the church grew.

"We all have gifts and talents that we don't know we have," he explained.

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As one of the leading voices of hope, Osteen often gets asked how to handle difficult circumstances.

When facing troubling times, Osteen said he recommends people find something to be grateful for each morning.

"I find that how you start many times will determine what kind of day it will become ... It's a choice you have to make to say, 'I'm going to see the good in this day, and I'm going to be a blessing for somebody else.'"

He said his ministry is about lifting people up and inspiring people to rise higher.

"I just think these are basic things that we all need to hear ... I'm even reminded myself half the time teaching it ... let go of the past, move forward, something good is in your future," Osteen said.

"I just think that resonates on the inside of each of us."

Watch the clip above.