A Melrose, Massachusetts, convenience store lost its license to sell lottery tickets after the owner scammed a mentally disabled woman out of a scratch-off ticket worth $10,000. 

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The woman reportedly took her winning ticket to RD's Deli and Market, but was told by the owner it was just a $1,000 winner. He then gave her $930 and sent her on her way.

The woman's father contacted the Massachusetts State Lottery, which pulled store's license and got the woman the rest of her deserved cash.

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MyFoxBoston reported:

Lottery officials were able to determine the ticket sold was in fact a $10,000 winner and hadn't been redeemed yet. Lottery rules also state winning tickets of $600 or more must be claimed at a lottery office. The store's license to sell tickets was suspended on Dec. 11 at a hearing at the lottery headquarters in Braintree.

A lottery spokesperson issued a statement, saying in part:

"At the hearing, the owner returned the ticket, which was in fact a $10,000 winner and appeared to match the description provided by the family member. The hearing officer is in the process of issuing a decision terminating the agent's license."


The ticket's rightful owner was finally able to claim her prize on Dec. 16, but now the whole thing really isn't sitting well with people who shop at this store.


Lottery officials say they've never had issues with the store before and say they've contacted both Melrose Police and State Police about this.

Watch the clip above.

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