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A man known only as Steve gave out hundreds of dollars to help the less fortunate pay their bills at a Jonesboro, Georgia, electric company.

"I do it because it makes me feel good. I do it because it's giving folks something that they might not have otherwise. I don't want somebody being cold," Steve explained.

The Good Samaritan revealed that he came up with the idea three years ago after his wife died.

He wanted to do something with the money that he had saved up for her for Christmas gifts, and with no one to spend it on, he knew she would have wanted him to give it away.

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WTVM reported:

"She's a great person, we had a lot of fun together. I was in the Army, so we traveled together. We got married when I was a lieutenant, and we moved 22 times in 27 years, so we did a lot of moving," Steve said.

He and his wife spent 11 years stationed in Saudi Arabia. Steve said the desert climate suited them both well.

"She hated the cold as much as I did. If you can help people stay warm, that seems like a good thing, and I think she would appreciate that," he said.

Steve said his wife was known for her giving spirit, and that's why this was the perfect way to remember her.

Watch the clip above.

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