On "Cashin' In" today, Eric Bolling shared his pick for person of year for 2014, a volatile time for America.

"We're at the tail end of an economic slowdown. People just don't have the means nor the opportunity that Americans are used to," Bolling said.

From the fight against ISIS abroad to racial unrest at home, he said it feels like the U.S. has been in a pressure-cooker, and anger has recently boiled over.

Despite the tragedy of Eric Garner's death at the hands of an NYPD officer, Bolling said that recent chants by protesters for "dead cops" were inappropriate.

"Look, I get the free speech argument. But I know the first time one of those clowns gets in trouble, they'll be dialing 9-1-1 ASAP."

He pointed out that crime is down in 2014, and, thus far this year, 110 law enforcement officers have lost their lives in the line of duty.

"America is safer thanks to our first responders. We need to stop pointing the finger at cops and start getting behind them," Bolling said.

"After all, they are the good guys. The bad guys roam the streets, looking to prey on the vulnerable among us."

He said it's cops who are the real heroes, not Hollywood celebrities, race-baiters or liberal spin doctors.

"My person of the year? Law enforcement. That's my pick for person of the year 2014. Have a great weekend, America, thanks to a cop near you."

Watch the clip above.