Garry Kasparov, former world chess champion and vocal critic of Vladimir Putin, sat down with Maria Bartiromo on FBN's "Opening Bell" this morning, arguing that President Obama looks "weak" around the world right now. 

Kasparov said he sees Obama as always being in "campaign mode," looking to make a splash in the headlines at the expense of U.S. global interests.

In the deal to normalize relations with Cuba, Kasparov called to mind Obama's refusal to enforce his "red line" on the Syrian regime using chemical weapons.

"It shows that if dictators are unrepentant, they can win. The Obama administration will sign any deal for the sake of having a big news conference and just winning headlines," said Kasparov, pointing out that in 2008 Obama said that Cuba needed to release all political prisoners in order to move toward relations with the United States.

Kasparov said other countries, like Iran and China, are "exploiting American weakness" and the willingness of Obama to "make a deal at any cost."

He said other dictators will look at the Cuba deal as an indication that America will "capitulate" if they hold their ground long enough.

Watch the full interview above to hear his thoughts on Vladimir Putin's promise to resurrect the Russian economy. 

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