By: Jamie Colby

Eight months ago, I left my Fox News Channel anchor desk to launch a remarkable original television series. It’s called Strange Inheritance, and it will air weeknights on Fox Business Network in primetime. It premieres Jan. 26 at 9 p.m. ET.

Each episode is about something rare, often even bizarre – the world’s largest bug collection, a century-old amusement park, a priceless Stradivarius or a crocodile ranch – that drops into an heir’s lap and launches his or her life in an extraordinary new direction.

Traveling to some 25 states, I discover real-life stories about unforeseen riches and improbable journeys. My personal highlights include seeing one of the world's rarest coins (once declared fake by the Secret Service), meeting a boy who inherits a winery at eight years old, and taking a horseback ride with a Montana cowboy who unearths a treasure trove of dinosaur fossils on his great-grandfather’s barren ranch. We're talking stories you have to see to believe!

It's been a marvelous journey for me, too.

I visit mostly small towns. In Le Mars, Iowa, for instance, I tour a strange inheritance of hundreds of antique tractors, and even learn how to drive one! In Defiance, Ohio, I meet cousins who found hundreds of uncirculated 1909 baseball cards in the attic of their grandfather’s house. The cards are so valuable they could crash the baseball card market.

In Portales, N.M., a middle-aged man inherits hundreds of vintage Barbies he's dying to unload – a joy for me, not so much for him. No worries, I help him out.

Along the way, I make lasting friendships, help settle family squabbles and learn the value of some very strange things. I can’t wait to introduce you to all the unique characters who took me along on their funny, mysterious and emotional adventures.  For instance, the nephews of a sailor killed on PT-109, commanded by John Kennedy, discover several handwritten, consoling letters the future president sent their grandmother.

The daughters of a Death Valley entrepreneur scramble to save his legacy: the world’s largest thermometer.

The great-great-grandson of the confederate soldier who led the fatal Gettysburg charge is swindled of his Civil War relics by a con man.

And what a ride I'll take you on in Nashville, when we go inside the famed Johnny Cash cabin and meet three sons of rock legend Roy Orbison. Their inheritance? A homemade cassette of a never-released ballad.

The inheritances themselves tell an amazing story, like the guns Bonnie and Clyde carried in the infamous death car.

Strange Inheritance is a series about real Americans who worked hard, prospered and then passed down something special to their heirs. Their stories reminded me that success is about more than money. It’s about family, love and leaving a mark in this world.

Join me for Strange Inheritance weeknights at 9 p.m. ET on Fox Business! And if you have a strange inheritance, email me at

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